We believe that children learn best in an environment that is filled with opportunities to explore their world and to build on their previous experiences. Early childhood teachers at Ark Preschool understand that play is the work for children. We believe that this is the basis for developing meaningful social interactions, creative problem solving skills, a wide range of communication and physical abilities. Our teachers value the diverse backgrounds of their students and provide opportunities within the curriculum for the expression and the sharing of family traditions and culture. Regular communication and parent participation cultivate strong relationships among our families and staff.

Imagine walking into a school that stimulates both adults and children! At Ark Preschools that is exactly what you will find. From the toys, low height chairs and original artwork, everything has been carefully designed to make children feel like they are at home. We believe that the artistic, cultural, and social development of each child is integral to education. We are dedicated to providing a foundation that encourages each child’s lifelong love of learning through art and music.

At Ark Preschools we bring the outside world into the children’s lives at school. The program provides a rich environment that promotes children’s active exploration in all areas of development: physical, emotional, linguistic, aesthetic, and cognitive.

The teachers and administration at Ark Preschools recognize and encourage the amazing potential children have to learn. Our teachers custom design activities with individualized attention to your child's needs and interests. Our school was developed around the concept that quality child care and education flourishes in a friendly and secure environment just like at home.