Mission Statement

The Ark Preschools are dedicated to educating young children through diverse and innovative programming. When choosing Ark Preschool, families’ expectations are met through our commitment to providing the finest curriculum, experienced young learner teachers, and environment in the early childhood field.

-The highest Standard of Excellence in Early Childhood Education for children in safe nurturing environment.
-Qualified teachers who focus on your child’s physical, emotional, and cognitive growth.
-Developmentally-appropriate curriculum
-Quality year round education.
-Full and half day schedules with 3 to 5 day enrollment options.

Ark Preschools guide the critical first steps which lead to a life long enthusiasm for learning, appreciation of the arts, and care for the community and environment. While teaching the skills necessary for future academic success, our school engages each child's uniqueness and individual learning style by anchoring their day to day experiences in a strong child-centered setting. Creativity and artistic expression are highly valued. Individual exploration and group collaboration are equally emphasized. Ark Preschool actively engages members of the community to ensure harmonious continuity between each child's home and school life to encourage parent participation and to foster diversity.

The best way to truly appreciate the excellence of our program is to visit Ark Preschools in Kemerburgaz or Tarabya. Choosing Ark Preschool today will be one of the best decisions you make for your child’s tomorrow!